lorenzoWork is empowering and develops self-responsibility. It can develop and strengthen our skills. It helps us create interpersonal relationships and not isolate. It defines meaning in our lives. Meet Lorenzo, one of the amazing employees who work at the Village Cookie Shoppe.

“I have worked in the food service industry practically all my life so I knew I wanted to work at Deli 456 and the Village Cookie Shoppe.  The jobs there are in high demand so I was excited when I was finally able to start work last December. I haven’t felt the Christmas spirit in a long time so right off it was special for me to be around friendly, caring people and the holiday festivities and preparations even though it’s the busiest time of the year for us.

I’ve gained valuable skills such as team work which I can take with me when I leave to work in the community next month. For the first time I also learned how to set boundaries and achieve balance in my life. I’m mindful of what a work day is and to take time for self-care. I used to have a car but now I commute on my bike and after work I’ll go for a long bike ride to clear my head. It’s great for the environment and for my health and well-being.

People really care about you at the Village. I really saw from the beginning that Susan, Chef Rafael and Bob were there to support me and help me do my best. It has helped me become more confident in myself and what I can accomplish. It’s important to have people believe in you. I’m definitely going to miss working here.”